Responsible Gaming

Prevention and reduction of problems that arise from participation in games of chance, in particular through excessive gaming, are a core aspect of the bwin philosophy. At the same time, we strive to respect the rights of all customers who seek entertainment through responsible participation in games of chance.

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Responsible gaming at bwin is based on three pillars:

1. Security of the player

We take responsibility for the security of our players. Protection of players is based on guidelines stipulated by the EGBA (European Gaming and Betting Association), exclusion of minors from the product line-up and the protection of privacy, which involves responsible dealings with data and payment processing. Fairness and the random nature of the products offered are monitored closely by independent authorities. Marketing communication is also geared towards player protection: a fair gaming line-up only promises what it can deliver.

2. Security of the game

We take responsibility for the security of our gaming line-up in two ways: first of all, we protect our users against mistakes such as inadvertent placement of bets by means of "gameful usability". In addition, online monitoring at bes as well as the experience of our bookmakers ensures protection against fraud. Manipulation of bets and money laundering are crimes and not a game. To this extent, we work closely with the ESSA (European Sports and Security Association) and the EGBA.

3. Protection against gaming addiction: research – prevention – intervention

The majority of users of sports bets, casino and other gaming offers play in moderation as a means of entertainment. Behaviour patterns which are negligible when undertaken to a reasonable extent (such as shopping, playing sports, eating or the consumption of alcohol) can escalate for some people and become a problem. In the same way, participation in bets and games of chance can also lead to problems for a small group of customers.

In order to offer customers the best possible support, all user contact which is related to responsible gaming is dealt with by a dedicated "Responsible Gaming" team within the customer support department. For a number of years, bwin has worked together with the renowned Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. This team works on recommendations for customers on the extent to which it is possible for them to play responsibly. In cases which can be traced back to gaming addiction, further participation in the gaming line-up is prohibited. The customer then receives support and advice on how to find professional assistance in their area.

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